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Over the years our troop has had many different achievements, recognitions, and awards, including ones which qualified us for State and National Tournaments.

Here are the key criteria for some of the awards we have received:

Excellence Award:  

  • Considered for Design Award
  • Robot Skills Challenge ranking
  • Other Judged award rankings
  • High-Quality VEX robotics program
  • Demonstrates overall excellence
    in all components of the VEX Challenge

Design Award:

  • Implemented the most effective and
    efficient robot design process
  • Engineering Notebook is a clear, complete, and organized
    document of the robot design process
  • Team demonstrates effective management of skills, time, and
    material resources
  • Students understand and explain how they developed an effective
    game strategy and robot design
  • Students demonstrate teamwork and effective communication

Judges Award:

  • Deserving of special recognition from the Judges
  • Team displays special attributes
  • Exemplary effort and perseverance at the event
  • Team accomplishments or endeavors throughout the season
    that may not fit under existing awards, but are nonetheless
    deserving of special recognition.

Build Award:

  • Built a well-crafted and constructed robot
  • Robot construction is of high quality; robust, clean, and effective
    use of materials
  • Robot efficiently uses mechanical and electronic components
  • Robot is designed with a clear dedication to safety and attention
    to detail
  • Robot demonstrates reliability on the field and holds up under
    competition conditions
  • Students understand and explain how they worked together to
    develop their robot


Annual East Bay VEX Robotics Tournament: First Qualification to Quarter, then Semi-Finals 


Dougherty Valley High School VEX Robotics Tournament: Alliance Captains Quarter-Finals

Tracy NorCal VEX Toss Up Tournament: Alliance Captains Quarter-Finals


All Girls VEX Showcase: Build Award 


California Central Coast VEX Competition: Judges Award


3rd Annual Sacred Heart Middle School VRC Tournament: Judges Award

Tracy Triangle VEX Robotics Tournament: Sportsmanship Award

Google VEX Starstruck Tournament #2: Judges Award


4th Annual Sacred Heart Middle School VRC Tournament: Design Award

4th Annual All Girls VEX Showcase: Tournament Champions


Dublin Robotics Club Turning Point VRC Tournament: Volunteer of the Year Award

Tracy Triangle Winter VEX Tournament: Judges Award

Google-GSNorCal LMK8 Turning Point Tournament: Design Award; Excellence Award

2019 California VEX VRC Middle School State Championship – SAN JOSE: Design Award


St. Catherine VRC Tournament Tower Takeover (Middle School Only): Judges Award

Sacred Heart Middle School Tower Takeover: Inspire Award

Bellarmine Bay Area VEX Robotics Tournament: Judges Award

Pleasanton Robot Tourney: Judges Award

Google-GSNorCal LMK8 Tower Takeover: Judges Award

Tracy Last Chance VEX Tournament: Design Award


Successfully conducted collaborative troop and team meetings virtually

The Unite Online Challenge: Finalist

Educate Online Challenge: 3rd Place Winner

First Virtual Open House and Recruitment: Interactive, Engaging and Successful


Successfully conducted hybrid & in-person troop and team meetings, maintaining a collaborative environment

Theme It Up! Online Challenge: 2nd Place Winner


Returned to fully in-person troop and team meetings

Competed in competitions for the first time in two seasons

Bay Area Spin Up #2 Middle School Tournament: Alliance Captains Quarter Finals

Redwood Robotics/Saratoga HS VEX Spin Up Tournament: Alliance Captains Round of 16


Still to come…