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Our Robots

2022-2023 (Spin Up)

Team A: Aspirin

Aspirin, named after its ability to give us headaches, features a floating intake with a 2-motor 3200 RPM flywheel. Its three-wheel roller mechanism moves rollers with ease!

Team N: Nanana

Nanana (an homage to the previous season’s robot, Zanana) is a pretty interesting robot that has gone through several iterations. It has an intake mechanism that uses a plexiglass tray and a shooting mechanism that uses the momentum of the intake to shoot into low and high goals. 

Team X: Xzoobeedoo

Xzoobeedoo features a conveyor intake and a one-wheel flywheel. It can shoot disks and turn rollers!

Team Z: Zania

Team Z: Zania can roll rollers, intake and launch disks, and has a passive string expansion. It does this with its floating intake and 4200 RPM flywheel!

2021-2022 (Tipping Point)

Team A: [robot name]

[more about Team A’s robot]

Team T: [robot name]

[more about Team T’s robot]

Team X: [robot name]

[more about Team’s robot]

Team Z: Zanana

[more about Zanana]

2020-2021 (Change Up)

Team N: Nebula

[more about Nebula]

Team T: [robot name]

[more about Team T’s robot]

2019-2020 (Tower Takeover)

Alfred is a stacking robot who can stack ten cubes!

Team A: Alfred

[more about Alfred]

Kobb in action during a match

Team K: Kobb

[more about Kobb]

Xenon in his full extension with maximum intake

Team X: Xenon

[more about Xenon]

Zenith with her tray fully extended

Team Z: Zenith

[more about Zenith]

2018-2019 (Turning Point)

Astrid, poised with a ball in her puncher and cap in her intake

Team A: Astrid

Astrid features a six wheel tank-drive, high-speed chassis with a rubber band & tank tread intake feeding a stripped gear puncher. Her puncher can shoot in about two seconds to toggle the flags, and her intake doubles as a cap-flipper. She has two autonomous modes: a 5 point platform & a 3 point shooting auton.

Kaillou with a cap & ball in his intake

Team K: Kaillou

Kaillou Keke Kellogg’s Kardashian, better known as Kaillou the Kube or Kaillou, features Iggy the Intake, Chelsea the Chassis, Ben the bracing, Darla the Descorer, and Flynn the Flywheel. He weighs 17.4 lbs which help keeps him in place when he climbs on the platforms. Flynn is a high speed vertical flywheel who reaches all the flags; Darla is an arm who swings up to descore caps on posts while Iggy can flip caps on the field; Chelsea is a high-speed chassis who maneuvers quickly across the field; Ben helps hold everything together.

Xavier posing with a cap in his claw

Team X: Xavier

Xavier is a cap flipping only robot featuring a clamping claw, double reverse four-bar, and a ground flipper. He can flip to de-score on the field, and put caps onto the poles. His reach allows him to score on all the low posts, and de-score other team’s high-scored caps.

Zoi, showcasing his rear intake and puncher

Team Z: Zoi

Zoi features a six-bar lift, Spinning claw, high-traction 2 motor chassis, and ball intake with puncher. Zoi has high and low pole scoring, an Omni-Traction-Omni wheel configuration to better get onto platforms which was very successful, standoffs on back for low flag scoring, a spinning claw for cap-flipping purposes, an H-shaped chassis for accomodation. He has several different autonomous mode options to work with any match partners. Later in the season, Zoi gained a intake and puncher on their back, making Zoi a dual-action robot scoring machine.

2017-2018 (In the Zone)


Team A: Aries

[more about Aries]


Team K: Body

[more about Body]

Team X’s Robot

Team X: [robot name]

[more about Team X’s robot]

Ziv, ready for a match

Team Z: Ziv

[more about Ziv]

2016-2017 (Starstruck)


Team A: Andromeda

[more about Andromeda]

K-9 being preloaded for a match

Team K: K-9

[more about K-9]

Team X’s Robot cuing for a match

Team X: [robot name]

[more about Team X’s robot]

Dr. Zuesette scoring a cube across the fence

Team Z: Dr. Zuesette

[more about Dr. Zuesette]

2015-2016 (Nothing But Net)


Team A: Artemis

[more about Artemis]

Team K’s Robot

Team K: [robot name]

[more about Team K’s robot]

Team X’s Robot

Team X: [robot name]

[more about Team X’s robot]


Team Z: Zephyr

[more about Zephyr]

2014-2015 (Skyrise)

Festus waiting for the next match

Team A: Festus

Our robot, Festus, has a multi-stage elevator lift and a rotating 3-hook claw that can score on the small posts. We have no skyrise capability. Our autonomous scores two floor goal points, moving away from the preload and pushing another onto our square. Our strategy is based on floor goals.

Drakon getting touched up in the pits
Andromeda, the new D robot, competing at the All Girls Showcase

Team D: Drakon and Andromeda

 Our robot, Drakon, has a four bar lift with a hook attachment that can lift cubes. We aim stack cubes on the small and medium posts. Our current autonomous program drops the preload onto the floor goal by moving back and dropping the hook.

For the first Annual All Girls Showcase, the troop had originally planned to just take three robots to go, since there were a limited number of girls from some teams who could attend. Then we were asked to bring another robot to increase the attendance of the invitational! Thus, Andromeda was created out of the ashes –well, chassis anyway– of Drakon to compete in Thousand Oaks. The Wild Child robot features a six-bar lift with a rotating hook/clamp arm on the end to grab cubes and skyrise pieces, reaching the small and medium polls and stacking 2-3 skyrise pieces.

Juniper & the girls who competed with her at the All Girls Showcase

Team J: Juniper

Our robot has an elevator lift as the other two robots do. We can stack at least 2 skyrise pieces. Our autonomous scores one floor goal but we aimed to create an autonomous the scores a cube on a skyrise.

Zirconium practicing placing Skyrise pieces

Team Z: Zirconium

Our robot, Zirconium, currently has a mecanum wheel chassis with an elevator lift and claw attachment. Our elevator lift can reach the medium post and the rack gears can bring the claw to the top. We have multiple possible autonomous (a one point, two point, and three point one). Thanks the the claw, we can grab both cubes and skyrise pieces, helping us stack skyrise and put cubes on polls and skyrise towers.

2013-2014 (Toss Up)

Platypus picking up a bucky ball

Team A: Platypus

[more about Platypus]

Team K’s robot waiting in the pits in-between matches

Team K: [robot name]

[more about Team K’s robot]

Cygnus, high hanging with a ball

Team X: Cygnus

[more about Team X’s robot]

2012-2013 (Sack Attack)

Sack Attack robot
Watermelon, who was later renamed to Draco

Team A: Watermelon/Draco

[more about Watermelon/Draco]

Sack Attack robot
Team X’s robot for Sack Attack

Team X: [robot name]

[more about Team X’s robot]