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2015-2016 Challenge: Nothing But Net

Nothing But NetThe 2015-16 challenge is called Nothing But Net. Teams compete to score the most balls in corner goal areas (high and low). The scoring objects include 94 balls, plus 10 additional orange bonus balls, worth twice as many points as regular balls.

For added complexity, if one alliance partner can lift its partner off the ground, an additional 25 points are awarded. For a higher lift, 50 points are awarded.

See the Vex Robotics website for complete rules and information, or download a PDF of the game manual, robot skills challenge rules, and programming skills challenge rules.

How We Did

Date Event Location Results
November 22, 2015 Bellarmine Bay Area VEX Robotics Tournament San Jose, CA Out of 60 robots, we ranked:

  • 1868A 59th
  • 1868K 60th
  • 1868X 48th
  • 1868Z 56th
December 12, 2015 2nd Annual Sacred Heart VRC Middle School Tournament Saratoga, CA Out of 18 robots, we ranked:

  • 1868A 13th
January 16, 2016 Tracy Triangle VEX Robotics Tournament Tracy, CA Out of 68 robots, we ranked:

  • 1868A 24th
  • 1868K 2nd
Team 1868K made it to the Quarter Finals.
January 29, 2016 California Central Coast VEX Competition Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Out of 39 robots, we ranked:

  • 1868X 26th
  • 1868Z 30th
February 21, 2016 Silicon Valley Skills Competition @ Google Mountain View, CA Out of 22 robots, we ranked:

  • 1868K 20th
April 9, 2016 2nd Annual All Girls VEX Showcase La Reina High School, Thousand Oaks, CA Out of 32 robots, we ranked:

  • 1868Z 10th
  • 1868A 24th
  • 1868K 27th
  • 1868X 30th

Team 1868Z made it to the quarter finals.