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2017-2018 Challenge: In the Zone

In the 2017-2018 challenge, two alliances – blue and red, both composed of two teams – compete to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance by stacking cones on goals, by scoring
mobile goals in goal zones, by having the highest stacks on goals, and by parking robots on their respective squares at the end of the match.

The match begins with a 15 second autonomous period, after which bonus points are awarded to the alliance that gained the most points during this period. Then, there is a 1 minute and 45 second long driver-controlled period.

Here are the links for this year’s game manual, robot skills challenge rules, and the competition resources page.

Here is the video for the 2017-2018 VEX Robotics Challenge, “In the Zone!”



October 28, 2017Dougherty Valley High School VEX Robotics TournamentSan Ramon, CAOut of 56 robots:  
1868A 39th
1868K 56th
1868X 24th
1868Z 8th
November 17, 2017Bellarmine Bay Area VEX Robotics TournamentSan Jose, CAOut of 60 robots:  
1868A 46th
1868K 49th
1868X 60th
1868Z 41st
9 December 20174th Annual Sacred Heart Middle School VRC TournamentSaratoga, CAOut of 28 robots:  
1868K 7th
20 January 2018Tracy Triangle VEX Robotics TournamentTracy, CAOut of 62 robots:  
1868A 54th
1868K 21st
1868X 48th
1868Z 39th
3 February 2018 Google Annual Middle School VEX Robotics TournamentMountain View, CAOut of 32 robots:  
1868K 6th
4 February 2018Google Annual High School VEX Robotics TournamentMountain View, CAOut of 60 robots:  
1868A 42nd
1868X 30th
1868Z 22nd
24 March 20184th Annual All Girls VEX ShowcaseThousand Oaks, CAOut of 29 robots:  
1868A 20th
1868K 21st
1868Z 16th
21 April 2018Google – Girls Only Tournament – Northern CaliforniaMountain View, CAOut of 18 robots:  
1868A 12th
1868K  6th
1868X 13th
1868Z 10th