How to Join

Girls in grades 6 through 12 are eligible to join the Space Cookies VEX team. All skill and experience levels are welcome; no prior experience is necessary but any and all skill and experience levels are welcome.

Visiting the Lab & Joining the Team

Every year VEX Space Cookies team hosts an Open House for the girls who are interested in joining the team, followed by three consecutive lab visits. After the lab visits, girls will get an invitation to join the team if so desired. Once the new members accept the invitation and complete their paperwork they can start attending troop meetings. This year our Open House’s date is to be decided. It will be held in our lab at NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View CA. We offer two time slots to determined later. Please check our website by mid-January for exact timings.

Registration form for VEX Space Cookies Open House (To be updated)

For inquiries, please send us an email at