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Girl Scout Forms & Registration

VEX team members are part of a Girl Scout Troop. If you are not already a Girl Scout, you will register as part of joining the team. Important links and files are included below.

Register as a Girl Scout / Renew Your Membership

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After you are accepted, you will need to sign up for The Girl Scouts of Northern California. Registration and renewals are handled through their online registration page. All adults that will be supervising or driving girls, or volunteering with the troop must be registered girl scouts (including dads!).

Registration is renewed annually and a separate registration must be completed for each family member.

Annual Permission

Each year you must complete the Girl Annual Permission form for your Girl Scout. This form is submitted to your troop leader.

Health History

When you join Girl Scouts, you must submit a Girl Health History form, which you will update annually (a new form each year is not required). Adult participants must also submit an Adult Health History form.

Adult Volunteer Screening

All volunteers who supervise girls, drive girls, sleep overnight with girls, and handle troop money or products must complete volunteer screening. Starting in the fall of 2014, the Girl Scouts of Northern California has implemented a simplified, one-step screening process comprised solely of an electronic background check.

  • The new background check searches a more extensive database of information than has been done in the past, including driving records.
  • The background check costs $11.50, payable to the vendor that Girl Scouts of Northern California uses for this process. You can request financial aid to cover the cost of the GS Background Check from GSNC by marking the appropriate box on the form.
  • If you are new to Girl Scouts you will receive a link from GSNC via email inviting you to do the GS Background Check to get GS Volunteer Approved. If you are a renewing Girl Scout, you will need to call GSNC to ask them to email you the link to apply for the GS Background Check.
  • The clearance is good for 3 years, after which time it needs to be completed again.

For current adult volunteers:

  • If you completed the fingerprinting process in the past, your clearance continues to be good forever, as long as you maintain continuous membership in Girl Scouts. If you have a break in membership, you will need to complete the new electronic background check every 3 years.
  • If you completed the electronic background check in the past, your clearance does not need to be specially renewed until the end of your original 3-year coverage. You will be notified by the Girl Scouts when your clearance is expiring and you will then go through the new background check process.

Girl Scouts of Northern California Links

All of the above forms and links are also available in the Girl Scouts of Northern California forms library. In addition, adults and girls can get information for in-person and online training courses through the Girl Scouts Learning Portal. 

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