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Online Challenges

In addition to on field challenges, RECF & VEX come out with various serieses of Online Challenges that teams can compete in as well.  These can include making videos, writing reports, and developing a website. Sponsors of the VEX Robotics Competition also can sponsor specific challenges and help provide prizes to the winners. For more details about the whole process, or descriptions of specific challenges, check out their website.

Over the seasons, our teams have participated in numerous Online Challenges. Check them out Below! 


Promote Award Video Submission by multiple team members (submitted under Team Z):


Community Award Video Submission by Team Z:

2019 (cont.):

Photography Challenge Submission by Team K:

Description: “This image represents sisterhood, teamwork, and our team having fun.”

Girl Powered Challenge Essay Submissions by Team A & Team Z:

View Team A's Essay View Team Z's Essay