NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035

2019-20: Tower Takeover

For 2019-20, our challenge was called Tower Takeover. We had 22 girls working on designing, developing, and coding for different robots for competition.

In Tower Takeover, there are two alliances which are made up of two teams each, try to score the most points by placing cubes in goal zones and towers. There are 66 cubes on the field (22 of each color). There are 7 towers around the field, 2 of them are specific to your alliance. The other 5 are neutral. There are 2 goal zones per alliance on each corner of the field.

The exact value of a cube in a goal zone is determined by how many cubes of that color are scored in towers. You see, when a cube is scored in a tower, it is not worth any points. But for every cube of that specific color scored in towers, it adds one more point onto the value of any of that color cube scored in a goal zone.